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Monday, August 29, 2011

10 Ways For A Parent To Say I Love You Without Words

• When your child communicates with you, stop what you’re doing and really listen to what they have to say. When your child knows and feels you care about what they are saying, they will feel good about themselves.
• Spend quality time each day with your child. When a child has the undivided attention of their parent, they feel important and cared for.
• Tune into your child’s needs. Respond to what your child may need before they ask; this shows your child you really are paying attention to them.
• Show your child affection without being asked. When you offer a hug to your child without being prompted, they will truly feel your love for them.
• When your child wants to show you something or needs something in that moment, stop what you’re doing and follow their lead. Sometimes they just want to know they are more important than your work.
• Enjoy meals together several times a week. With most people’s hectic schedules, there isn’t always time to hear the details of a child’s day immediately after work. Sharing a meal together allows children the space to talk about what went on in their day after they’ve had some down time and you have too.
• If your child comes home from school or an outing and immediately starts to talk about a sensitive topic, stop and listen to what they’re saying; it is most likely bothering them.
• Intently watch your child. Simply gazing at your child will send energetic vibrations of love their way and they will receive the warm feelings into their being.
• Make eye contact with your child. Sharing a deep gaze with your child sends messages of love through the eyes. The eyes are the gateway to one’s soul and a child knows this.
• Do things for your child. Consciously making their bed and washing their favorite shirt let’s them know you thought about them during your day; it also shows them how to do things for others as well.

Tara Paterson, ACPI Certified Coach for Parents™ of Intuitives
Co-Author of the award winning book- Raising Intuitive Children
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