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Monday, September 19, 2011

PLAN AHEAD...for a disaster! (flood, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, fire, etc.)

1. PLAN AHEAD! Know neighbors, their useful skills and equipment. Everyone can help!

2. Work with a neighbor to map your neighborhood. Draw your street (on a poster) with house numbers and list residents, children, elderly and disabled.

3. Use symbols, add location of gas meters and propane tanks to your map. (65% of house fires a caused by gas leaks.) Learn how and when to turn off meters. (Call local provider)

4. Know how to turn off water to the house.

5. Stock up on dry food, canned goods and water to last 5 days.

6. Discuss with family your disaster plan, safety info, location of supplies, meeting place and outside area contact in case local communication fails.

7. Store under your bed, sturdy shoes, gloves, flashlight, battery operated radio, first aid kit, a HELP/OK sign and a to do check list.

8. Create a team of neighbors to check on elderly, disabled and children. Check gas meters, propane tanks and shut off gas, if necessary. Check on homes to offer help.

9. Be prepared to give first aid. (Classes available in your area?) Contact your council member or area rep to find out what your community is doing to prepare for a disaster and get involved. Your community needs YOU.

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