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Monday, August 1, 2011

Keep Your Child Safe!

PARENTS: Discuss with children how to stay safe. Let children know they can tell you anything and you will listen.

1. Dial 911 in an emergency only. (Show and tell)
2. Never give your name or address to someone you don't know.
3. Never open the door to anyone you do not know.
4. Never tell callers you are home alone.
5. Never cross the street without looking both ways. (Stay in crosswalk)
6. Never accept a ride from someone you don't know.
7. Never play with matches.
8. Never walk alone, always use the buddy system.
9. If you feel scared by someone you don't know, run away and yell for help.
10. Get permission before you ride in a car with anyone.
11. Play in your backyard or near adults.
12. Create a family password in case a stranger needs to pick up your child.
13. If you are lost, look for a police officer, woman with children or a store clerk for help.
14. If someone asks you for help (directions, find a pet), run away and tell a trusted adult.
15. If someone tries to bully you, speak up and tell a trusted adult.
16. If someone tries to grab you, fight back, kick and scream for help.
17. If anything upsets you, tell me immediately and we will work it out together.

PARENTS: For extra protection...create a network of support around children and know all your neighbors!

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