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Monday, May 23, 2011

Cyberbullying Tips For Parents

• Give kids a code of conduct. Tell them if they wouldn't say something to someone's face, they shouldn't text it, instant message it or post it.
• Ask if they know someone who has been cyberbullied. Sometimes kids will open up about someone's pain before admitting their own.
• Establish consequences for bullying behavior.
• Monitor their media use.
• Tell kids not to share passwords with friends.
• Use privacy settings.
• Remind them... all private information can be made public.
• Tell kids what to do if they're harassed: Block bullies and inform parents or trusted adults. Save evidence in case it is need for reporting.
Source: Common Sense Media


  1. Dearest One,

    Your beautiful efforts are very much appreciated................though as a being who works with repairing the architecture, fields and the matrix that we live in...................I wanted you to know that the evil/dark forces infiltrate from everywhere. Sending people to a church or religious center does not make people a matter of fact.............a lot of evil/dark forces are at the heads of the religious institutions. In anycase, we are all walking our paths the best we can.............and I hear you with with regards to stomping out the dark is just that some of us are on the teams with correcting the problems from the multi-dimensional levels which is where they stem from and which is how they get into the world we live in.

    Much love and light to you, Catalina

  2. These are nice tips for parents for safety of their child against cyber bullying.Free internet monitoring software