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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

10 things parents can do to build confidence and keep children safe

Children grow strong and resilient if you:
1. Let children know they are awesome by taking 10 minutes every day to ask questions and listen without judgments.
2. Teach children to grow strong from within by setting an example of staying cool, calm and collected, no matter what is going on. Anger breeds anxiety and confusion.
3. Create rule and boundaries for the family and stick to consequences for bad behavior.
4. Work out problems together! Anger and stress weakens the immune system and makes your family less healthy.
5. Allow children to make mistakes. Children learn from failure and discover that life can be difficult. They grow stronger and wiser.
6. Encourage children to speak up and stand up for themselves without any anger.
7. Teach children to use their instincts and intuition. If they don’t feel safe, run away. Always have children use the buddy system.
8. Teach children how to handle a bully. Children grow strong by discussing solutions, role-playing and encouragement.
9. Surround your child with a positive network of support. Your family, friends and neighbors are your child’s role models and mentors.
10. Do something special with each child every week. Go to the park, a movie, play a game, invite their friend to join your family, etc.

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