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Saturday, November 27, 2010

FAQ's - From Stephanie, Crime and Violence Prevention Consultant

14. Violence is spreading throughout the world with religious leaders blaming and attacking free societies. What can be done?
Our freedoms are in jeopardy because our religious tolerance is being used against us. “Freedom of Religion” has never been an excuse to abuse women, control others or silence individuals.

What can we do?
America must become the role model by growing strong from within and working together. There is a huge difference between people controlled by religious leaders or government and a democratic society with people who are connected to each other to make their community safe. Know and respect your neighbor is critical in a free society. Americans must stop tolerating local crime and violence if we are to remain a free society.

A united community can keep gangs; hate groups, drug dealers, predators and potential terrorists in check, as they serve the needs of their children.

Remember: Every juvenile delinquent, bully, abused victim, drug dealer, gang member, potential terrorist, school drop-out and child struggling to grow up with domestic violence…lives in somebody’s neighborhood. Involved neighbors create safe, healthy neighborhoods for families to live and grow.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

MICHAEL JACKSON: The Tragic Consequences of Child Abuse

Millions of people enjoyed Michael Jackson’s genius as a showman, however, his legacy is even greater if we learn from his life story.

During a TV interview, “Living with Michael Jackson,” Michael stated he was beaten by his father. He was so terrified he became physically ill when he saw him. When asked about his mother, he said he could hear her screaming, “Stop you’re going to kill him.”

Physical, mental and sexual child abuse is a family secret that must be exposed. All forms of abuse leave life long scars on victims. I experienced this tragedy within my own family.

To outsiders, my family looked the picture of success. My father was captain of the yacht club and we mingled with the rich and famous. As a small child, my older brother loved to play the piano. At age six, he was composing songs. But my father thought his talent was a curse and berated him, saying, “Only sissy boys play the piano!” He wanted his son to be a man’s man and excel in sports. As a result, my brother’s love of music was beaten out of him. Seeking to break free of controlling men, he ran away from several military schools. At age 19, he escaped by marrying a woman who was 38-years-old. During his life, he married six times and developed serious health problems as he ballooned to 350 pounds. He lived an unfulfilled life and died too soon. My father became an alcoholic and our family fell apart.

As an adult, I learned my father had been a victim of child abuse himself. He was repeating the cycle by abusing his sensitive, creative son. Then later in life, I became aware of the enormity of child abuse when I spent four years volunteering to help the homeless with the Mother Wright Foundation in Oakland, California. I heard horror stories about beatings, incest, molestation and neglect of children at the hands of the people who were supposed to love them. Without guidance and support, many of the homeless had never learned how to handle their emotions, connect with other people and grow strong from within. As victims of abuse, they often turned to drugs to escape their inability to cope with life.

One Saturday while serving lunch in the park, we needed another helper and James, a homeless man, stepped out of the line to volunteer. We got acquainted and during the next month, I learned his methadone drug treatment program was ending. James, who had been abused early in life, didn’t know what to change in order to stay out of prison and he asked for help. Since I didn’t know how to help him, I just listened to his story and offered the motherly advice I had given my own children.

During one of our meetings, James asked if his friends could join us. We talked to a pastor who agreed to let us meet at a nearby church. The meetings were challenging. At the first meeting, twenty men showed up. Some were high on drugs, two fell asleep on the floor and the men were angry and didn’t know how to listen to each other. We set down rules and the group dwindled to a core group of eight. Within three months, four men got jobs and two joined a drug rehab program.

This experience made it clear to me: child abuse is one of the major factors that lead to drug abuse, teen runaways, school dropouts, prostitution, violence and many other destructive behaviors. If the cycle is not broken, it continues with the next generation.

That is not just my opinion. A long-running study on the “Cycle of Violence” by the National Institute of Justice found that “being abused or neglected as a child increased the likelihood of arrest as a juvenile by 59 percent, and an adult by 28 percent, and for a violent crime, by 30 percent.” And that is just one report among many over the years which shows the connection between child abuse and crime – and which demonstrates how the cycle of abuse continues turning in destructive ways in the lives of adults who were mistreated and neglected early in their lives.

This cycle can be stopped and it must be. It is critical that parents and caring adults create circles of support around children to help them grow and learn how to connect with others.

The awesome talent of pop star, Michael Jackson, will be remembered. However, if you listen to his music his dream was to “heal the world” and “bring people together.” His legacy is a message to every parent, love your children and give them the emotional support they need to live a productive life without any fear of abuse.

By Stephanie L. Mann, Crime and Violence Prevention Consultant

Monday, November 1, 2010

FLDS Polygamists Aid and Abed Sexual Predators

SHOCKING ABUSE OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN! Rebecca Kimbel grew up in the same cult shown on TV's "Sister Wives." Oprah interviewed this "loving" family. Was Oprah manipulated to make the public think polygamy is okay?

Watch Rebecca's videos at:

Video 2. Cult Survivor: The rape of my soul.

Video 3. How kindness changed a child's view (age 4) of the world.

If you would like more info about polygamy, check links below.

Submitted By Rebecca Kimbel Mscd CEO DTM

Web links for documentation and verification are provided;

The AUB polygamist group noted several members accused of child molest: Joseph Thompson in 1994, (my brother in law), George Maycock in 1998 and Shevroll Palacios in 2002.

The Apostolic United Brethren "released" those accused of child molestation. They "released" others who may bring down their name. They DID NOT report them; send them away OR INFORM THEIR FAMILIES. My sister, who complained about the molestation, was "released" from Joe and given to another cult member. My sister was devastated that SHE was ousted from her sister wives BECAUSE SHE TOLD, and nothing was done to Joe.

These men and others like them STAYED RIGHT WERE THEY WERE and continued too affiliate themselves heavily with the FLDS leaders. My sister remains loyal and dependent on those who subordinate her. The price of truth is very high, especially when your family, your home and your survival depends on your loyalty.

AUB web sites were created for AUB protection, not the protection of the women and children, but they are a good source of information on how they handle the criminals who are discovered in all types’ crime.

After the polygamist raids in 1953, Life Magazine featured polygamist Clyde Mackert as the “poster child” of wonderful religious polygamy. The title was “Heroes of the 1953 Raid.” Clyde Mackert’s wives included two of my sisters. His daughters have gone public about the incest in the family.

Kathleen Mackert; as flds-children-in texas. Find the article in the archives or see for the glorification of Clyde and verification from his daughters.

Also Rowena Mackert’s words, “My father had been molesting me,” and “Two of the treats came from Warren Jeffs”. Look under Polygamist groups for the title "Former Polygamists tell of isolation and brain washing." Threats of renunciation reference/polygamy/polygamy 789.html follow these link sections in order, not as one.

Laurene Jessup and twelve of her sisters reported being molested by her polygamist father Jack Cook. Title: "Women Who Escape Polygamist Sects Revisits Past" 419.html Again log onto www.rickross, go to polygamist groups and look for the title of this article.

Sara Hannon (includes sexual abuse). See, Girl fourteen fled abuse, title; "Mind Control of Polygamy" 704.html Again. Go to go to polygamist groups and then to the title of this article.

Warren Jeff’s and ten others- wed children. Title Records Show More Texas Sect Members Wed Minors; to open this article go to Then to polygamist groups, then look for the title of the article.

Tom Green; polygamist. Find him on any web search. He took his 13 year old step daughter as one of his wives. (My niece). My brother was infuriated, but would do nothing because he himself had been polygamist and he feared the outcome if he spoke out.

If crimes against children are hidden in an illegal society, do they hide other crimes as well? What do you think?

Justification for this sick behavior is blamed on;
* King David of the Bible (thousands of years ago)
* Mormon Pioneers (a hundred and fifty years ago) A church they admit they don’t belong to.

Adults are responsible for THEIR behavior. When will we stop endorsing abuse and criminal behavior in the name of religion?