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Saturday, November 27, 2010

FAQ's - From Stephanie, Crime and Violence Prevention Consultant

14. Violence is spreading throughout the world with religious leaders blaming and attacking free societies. What can be done?
Our freedoms are in jeopardy because our religious tolerance is being used against us. “Freedom of Religion” has never been an excuse to abuse women, control others or silence individuals.

What can we do?
America must become the role model by growing strong from within and working together. There is a huge difference between people controlled by religious leaders or government and a democratic society with people who are connected to each other to make their community safe. Know and respect your neighbor is critical in a free society. Americans must stop tolerating local crime and violence if we are to remain a free society.

A united community can keep gangs; hate groups, drug dealers, predators and potential terrorists in check, as they serve the needs of their children.

Remember: Every juvenile delinquent, bully, abused victim, drug dealer, gang member, potential terrorist, school drop-out and child struggling to grow up with domestic violence…lives in somebody’s neighborhood. Involved neighbors create safe, healthy neighborhoods for families to live and grow.

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