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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

5 myths - Keeping inner cities locked into crime!

For decades, politicians and community leaders have perpetuated myths as the cycle of drug abuse, gangs and violence continued from one generation to another.

The 5 myths are:
1. Police can keep us safe.
2. Money will solve problems.
3. Laws control behavior.
4. Racism keeps the community down.
5. Poverty keeps people from progressing.

Myths have some truth but they don’t change community behavior.

Myth #1 Police can keep us safe.
Police have a limited role. An additional 100,000 police on the streets can increase response time, as their job is to react to crime. The national average is 2.5 police for every 1000 citizens. The police cannot keep us safe.

Myth #2 Money will solve problems.
In the past 40 years, billions have been spent on education, programs, home security, guards, swat teams, training, scanning equipment, shot spotter and surveillance cameras. Money doesn’t stop rival gangs, demand for drugs or violence on our streets. As an area receives funding, violators move to another neighborhood.

Myth #3 Laws control behavior.
A politician’s job is to keep the public safe. That is critical for national security but laws have limited power. Law-abiding citizens obey laws. Criminals, gangs, pimps and drug dealers pay no attention.

Myth #4 Racism keeps the community down.
The blame game divides and distracts from real solutions. Blaming police or blaming people just because they look different perpetuates anger. Anger gives disconnected youth an excuse to join rival gangs as gang leaders gain a false sense of power. Gangs, like warring tribes, turn youth into uneducated, uncivilized men.

Myth #5 Poverty keeps people from progressing.
Politicians gain power as they create an illusion of compassion. For decades, billions of dollars have been spent on programs including the “War on Poverty” and the “War on Drugs.” In our zeal to “help” poor people, we destroyed their self-confidence and motivation. We created dependency.

We are at a crossroads…will security require more surveillance and less freedom or will we focus on supporting neighborhoods and strengthening families?

Americans can no longer ignore our largest group of crime victims…children. They are “canaries in the mine.”

Our national goal must be to strengthen families. Freedom is an inner journey with support for families and disconnected neighbors.

We need a major shift in thinking to create peaceful cities. We need:
1. A spiritual awakening to raise children with a conscience.
2. Community participation to create strong communities.

Ever wonder how low-income citizens get off drugs when they don’t have money to pay for medication or counseling?

I worked with the homeless for 4 years and started a support group for men. They have incredible stories of pain and survival. However, they learned how to take charge of their lives. (Foundation for writing, "Street Safe Kids.")

When youth understand their potential, they make responsible choices. Children need support to discover their strong, resilient inner power and identity. Most inner city youth, do not join gangs, take drugs or become violent but they do need a supportive, involved neighborhood.

City leaders can support neighborhood involvement by providing stipends to train citizen community coaches. Youth will see neighbors participating in problem solving and neighborhood projects, as they become teachers and mentors.

Civic, church and community groups who know and trust each other should be encouraged to adopt one block to help build relationships with neighbors. As community support grows, cities will become safer for everyone.

Stephanie L. Mann, Crime and Violence Prevention Consultant
Author: “The Adopt-A-Block Guidebook: 10 steps to a safe and healthy neighborhood.”
“Street Safe Kids: 10 step guide to building self-esteem and staying centered.”

Friday, June 18, 2010

Our Children Our Future

No one knows more about child abuse than Rebecca Kimbel. At age 15, Rebecca was sold as a child bride to her future husband. With help, she escaped with her 6 daughters, many years later. She knows how critical it is for children to be protected, not controlled. (In the USA, 1 in 4 women are in abusive relationships)

Thank you, Rebecca, for sending us your article.

Our Children Our Future

Today’s children are tomorrow’s nation. What is written on the “blackboards” of a child’s psychic will effect intellectual and emotional decisions in their future. Their future is not theirs alone. Our children are the future of our nation.

The economy is down. Crime is up. People struggle against joblessness, homelessness and despair. Those who suffer the most, are the smallest, the weakest and the most defenseless. They are children and crimes against children are astonishingly high.

David Finkehor PhD Director at the Crimes against Children Research Center, University of New Hampshire, Durham N.H., said,”Children and adolescence have among the highest rates of conventional crime, victimization and in addition, suffer from the most crimes. Despite enormous publicity about crime and youth, this high vulnerability is seldom mentioned”.

When a child is victimized, we often discover that justice and healing require far more pain, time and investment than prevention. Healing emotional and physical scares often lasts for years and sometimes lasts a life time. The vigilance of protection not only provides prevention, it also provides a healthy base with beneficial effects that expand into the next generation.

Does it “take a village” to raise a child? The vigilance of a group within a community dedicated to the safety and well being of the children is a much needed and effective safety net for their protection. The children are not the only members of the community to benefit. When the children are protected, the community is protected.

A powerful new organization called Safe Kids Now has been activated across the nation. It began in the inner cities where crime was the highest and spread quickly through assisting churches who “adopted a block” around the church. Then members “adopted a block." Citizens seeing the dynamic positive effects began joining in. Adults focused on the local children, who they were, who they were with, who they belonged to and which neighbors would safely befriend them.

The statistics of abuse, violence and missing children began to loose its grip in their communities. In many communities the watch of mutual protection has caused crime to move out.

When churches, parents and neighbors join in a common bond for the purpose of protecting young lives, they have a heart felt purpose. They become dedicated to “paying attention”. They became dedicated to the simple things, like going to the internet and researching those who they may entrusted with their sacred little ones. They pay attention to details and unusual circumstances. They become determined to bring the statistics on crimes against children down and keep pushing it down until American cities become a safe place for America’s future and her children.

Information on this program is available at

Rebecca Kimbel

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Part 2 - Kids Injuries- Call the doctor?

Bee Sting:
Ice to the sting, ASAP. Try to get the stinger out once the area is numb. Let your child know, the pain will subside within a half an hour. Watch for allergic reaction: Throat swelling or body rash. If you see either of those reactions, grab the Benadryl and call the doctor. If severe, dial 911.

Twisted Ankle:
If your child can not bear weigh on it, you may need medical attention. Even a minor sprain, have your child sit down. Remember: R-I-C-E: Rest, Ice, Compression (wrap, not too tight), Elevate.

This is a first degree burn. For relief: a cool washcloth is best. Child might benefit from some analgesic. Expect major peeling.

If you can not get it out with tweezers, get medical help. All of the splinter needs to be removed to prevent infection.

(Source: Chicago Tribune)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Kid Injuries - Go to doctor ASAP

Summer can be a time for injuries. Get to your doctor ASAP if...

Head injury including hard hit from a fall.

• Obvious deformed or immediately swollen body part.

Bleeding won't stop, see flesh beneath skin...need stitches.

Hard hit to abdomen (bike handlebars) could be internal damage.

• Steps on or is otherwise punctured by rusty nail.

(Source: Chicago Tribune)

Monday, June 7, 2010

377 children arrested EVERY DAY for drug offenses! WHY?

Drug Abuse is self-destructive behavior.

Why are American children trying to escape from life?
Is it their home life? Peer pressure? Lack of values? Emotional trauma? Boredom? Isolation? Or, something else...

Tell us what you think!

Friday, June 4, 2010

What's happening in your city?

Did you know...4,435 children are arrested EVERY DAY!

Did you know that 9 children and teens are killed by firearms EVERY DAY in America?

Find out what you can do! Contact us at: Together can stop this shameful waste of human potential!