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Monday, June 7, 2010

377 children arrested EVERY DAY for drug offenses! WHY?

Drug Abuse is self-destructive behavior.

Why are American children trying to escape from life?
Is it their home life? Peer pressure? Lack of values? Emotional trauma? Boredom? Isolation? Or, something else...

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  1. I have worked with "huffers" and one had an astounding motive for sniffing glue to get "high". He was a lonely young person and when he used glue he entered a Disney World where the household plants would grew faces and talked to him and the trees in the park would grow arms and hands which reached out to give him a hug and shake his hand.

    Aside from posters, and bumper stickers, and party patrols, what does prevention have to offer? I mean, if it is "glorifying drugs" to allow a client to discuss his "drug experience" then how will you ever know what is going on inside the clients head and how he or she perceives drug sensations.