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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tolerating Bullies!

Charlie Sheen is the poster boy for angry, out of control men. His wives accuse him of abuse but CBS raised his salary to $2 million per episode for his TV Show.

On the national news, we have seen athletes and Hollywood “stars” involved in violent behavior with little or no consequences. Michael Jackson told his tragic story of child abuse but his family failed to address the issue.

As a crime and violence prevention consultant for 35 years, I have seen many adults intimidated by ego driven bullies, abusive men, gang leaders, controlling drug dealers and demanding community leaders.

Fear creates social isolation and saps community spirit! Bullies are holding families and neighborhoods hostage. Citizens must work together and stop tolerating destructive behavior. Family members must speak up and stop protecting abusive men. Each one of us must speak up to stop bully behavior and protect victims!

Our children are learning from us! Bully behavior has increased in schools and neighborhoods. The message has become…“The biggest bully wins!” Is this the message you want for your children?

Stephanie L. Mann, Crime and Violence Prevention Consultant
Safe Kids Now!

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