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Monday, September 13, 2010


2 stories from Rich, a school teacher, in Grand Rapids, MI. Outrageous stories? Why aren't parents and teachers banding together and speaking up for kids?

1. As an educator for 10 years, I was appalled when I worked at a charter elementary school where the daily violence was totally ignored. Gangs, boy and girl, guns brought to school, fights, broken walkie-talkies so no way to get help in an emergency and an administrator who put his ego in front of his school's kids and staff members. He still has his job!

Seven kids from this school have gone to prison and how this school stays open, I have no idea.

2. A middle school teacher rented a motel room and gave students pills and alcohol. Everyone knew about this. They finally got him after he led police on a high speed chase, intoxicated. The same district, had a janitor steal athletic equipment from lockers and sell everything on Ebay. $40,000 just disappeared from the district and the new superintendent just blew it off.

A varsity volleyball coach / elementary teacher attacked a big donor to the high school in an e-mail. The donor pulled over $3,000 in annual scholarships out of the school. The teacher/coach, athletic director and new superintendent never bothered to apologize to the donor. The athletic director's husband was picked up and prosecuted on peeping from a bathroom stall at kids in a mall bathroom.

READ Rebecca's comment...She is right on! Click below...

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  1. Our culture has been programmed to "avoid conflict", not to "stand up for what is right", we tend to believe what we ignore will go away or not exist, but what we ignore grows because our condoning it by "our action of accepting it without response fuels negative behavior. We need to BE, THINK and ACT the changes we want, not just talk about them. Our teachers are often bashed by the parents of unruly children and not upheld by the school officials because school officials imagine if they admit there could be a problem in their school they are hurting the entire school. This is the same mind set in dysfunctional families. Silence hides abuse in order not to "shame" the family, "Airing dirty laundry in public" is the imagined sin. Hiding and protecting it so it can grow like a cancer is mistaken as an act of valor. Keep up the good work I LOVE YOU FOR IT. Rebecca