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Friday, September 10, 2010

San Bruno GAS EXPLOSION! Tragedy could have been prevented!

The gas explosion in the San Bruno CA neighborhood (4 dead, 52 people injured, 38 homes destroyed, 37 homes badly damaged) demonstrates the critical importance of neighbors connecting, sharing information, reporting what they see or smell.

1. How many people smelled gas before the explosion? (Neighbors stated, "I smelled gas for several weeks.")
2. How many neighbors smelled gas but didn't reported it?
3. Could involved neighbors have prevented the tragedy? (We don't know all the facts yet but YES is a good possibility.)

Neighbors are powerless as individuals. Together neighbors who discuss concerns and report as a group can protect each other! Aware and involved neighbors can also stop bullies, car thefts, burglaries, drug dealers, gangs and violence. In the process, neighbors reduce social isolation and fear as they become role models. Youth need to see neighbors as problem solvers and active participants in community life.

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