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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

5 myths - Keeping neighborhoods locked into crime!

For decades, community leaders have perpetuated myths.

Myth #1 Police can keep us safe.
The national average is 2.5 police for every 1000 citizens. The job of police is to react when crimes occur.

Myth #2 Money will solve problems.
Taxpayers spend billions on programs, security, swat teams, training, scanning equipment and surveillance cameras. Money has not stopped gangs, demand for drugs or violence on streets. When an area receives funding, violators move.

Myth #3 Laws control behavior.
Laws have limited power. Law-abiding citizens obey laws. Criminals, gangs, pimps and drug dealers pay little attention.

Myth #4 Racism keeps the community down.

Blaming police or people who look different perpetuates anger. Anger gives disconnected youth an excuse to be violent. Gangs, like warring tribes, turn youth into uneducated men who end up in prison.

Myth #5 Poverty keeps people from progressing.
Politicians gain power with an illusion of compassion. The on going, “War on Poverty” and “War on Drugs” cost billions. In our zeal to “help” the poor, we destroy their self-confidence and create dependency.

Myths have some truth but they don’t change community behavior.
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