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Monday, February 11, 2013

Guns, Ex-cop and Mental Health

Why would ex-police officer, Christopher Dorner, and an ex-Navy man turn violent toward the LAPD? Why has he targeted his rage toward innocent people?

What was missing in his life? What can you do to make sure boys do not become violent? Here is what I think, tell us what you think! SUBSCRIBE To find our podcasts and subscribe, go to or on Itunes. Available on your Iphone or Ipad, go to:


  1. A sad ending to a tragic story. Safe Kids Now sends love and sympathy to the victims and their families.

  2. Comment from Mattie Winn-
    Thank you so much for the podcast this evening. In light of the recent news reports of the Ex-Policeman this is such a sad story. My heart goes out to all the victims and also this man's family, his parent must be grieved. Thank you for sharing on the need of young men needing to be mentored, and how parents must deal with the anger exhibited in the lives of their children. God bless you as you continue to provide and stimulate the people in our communities with the training you offer.

    Mattie Winn

  3. Comment for Chris Bratton
    That was very informative, timely and well said.
    Thank you. You are doing great things!
    May God bring much fruit of safe kids, peace, and Godly community from your efforts.

    Chris Bratton