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Monday, December 31, 2012

Spiritual Crisis - Boys and Guns - Part 6

The terrible tragedy in Newtown, CT is a WAKE UP CALL!  We must broaden the discussion beyond GUNS! 

Over the years...What went wrong?  Why are American young men killing innocent people and children on our streets and in our schools, malls and places of worship?

Here are my thoughts!  What do you think?


  1. Cessaly D Hutchinson left a comment on your episode:

    I like the easy to remember points: spiritual undestanding of themselves and strong sense of community. Excellent insight Stephanie on boys & guns.

  2. Michael Adekunle

    Great observations that stronger family units teaching self awareness and spirituality along with promoting community awareness in children will help reduce the gun violence in the USA. Implementing your ideas represents a cultural change and gives a good “what” to do. Beyond promoting individual responsibility for making the “what” come to life within our span of control and discussing the what in public forums, are there other suggestions on “how” to move forward?

  3. Rebecca Kimbel

    Great message Stephanie. Children in fatherless homes INCLUDE polygamist homes. The dysfunction and crime ALWAYS runs higher. Rebecca