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Monday, May 14, 2012

14 WAYS to keep kids from being bullies or victims!


1. If a bully provokes you, stay strong and speak up. Say, “Stop it.” Walk away or report behavior.
2. Settle disagreements with words, not fists. Stay calm, cool and collected!
3. If disputes escalate, don’t form an audience. Be a peacemaker and encourage others to intervene and speak up.
4. Stay alert when walking to and from school. Avoid areas, where bullies or groups of older kids hang out.
5. Know all your neighbors and who can offer a safe place, if needed.
6. Trust your instincts! If you sense danger or feel threatened, run away. If grabbed, yell and kick to get free. Fight back!
7. Report any threats, destruction of property or suspicious activities to an adult, police officer or a school authority.
8. NEVER go with someone you don’t know and trust, even if he/she seems like a nice person.
9. Don’t use alcohol or drugs. They reduce your self-awareness and make you an easy target for sexual assault and abuse.
10. If someone tries to be mean to you speak up with confidence and walk away. Report if the bad behavior persists.
11. Hang out with supportive friends. Avoid “friends” who bully, criticize, use put downs or make you feel bad.
12. Expand your relationships by getting involved in school activities such as yearbook, plays, arts or sports.
13. Face your fears and develop new skills by volunteering in your community or at your House of Worship. Be a leader and encourage friends to join you.
14. Create a network of positive friends, family, neighbors and a religious family to help strengthen your character and ability to get along. A strong conscience develops self-awareness and will keep you safe from harm. When children are connected, they gain self-respect and respect for others.
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  1. The truth is that bullying is part of living and growing up. It is out there, and it is going to happen. We have all been bullied and have been the bully at different times in our lives. A parent can take charge and play a role in determining how her child handles and processes bullying without affecting his sense of self by creating an open relationship with your child. Let your child know he can come and talk to you about everything and anything. I would like to share this link, about a service on how to protect your children from harm. Here's the link you can check it out:

  2. Thanks Julianna, I will check out your link. I invite you to join me on and add your comments and ideas to help protect children. Stephanie

  3. Hi Stephanie, you are doing a great job and this blog is very informative.

    This is a very useful post, i like it because i am working to educate girls in particular about their safety issues and their rights of the organisation i work with Safety First for Girls in Thailand.

    I have subscribed to you on facebook.

    Keep up the good work, we need more people like you in the world to make it a better place.

    Kind regards.