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Monday, April 19, 2010


Adopt-A-Block Guidebook Offers Simple
Plan for Building a Great Neighborhood

Everyone wants to live in a great neighborhood and a new book shows anyone how to create one. The Adopt-A-Block Guidebook: 10 Steps to a Safe and Healthy Neighborhood offers a simple plan for making any community a better place to live.

In ten, easy-to-follow steps, the guidebook explains how a group of neighbors, members of a civic, service or religious organization, or local governments can “adopt” a one-block area and create safety zones throughout the community.

In this guidebook, readers will learn:
-how to “break the ice” to bring neighbors together
-the best projects for building bonds
-how connected neighbors help protect children – and improve property values
-limitations of governments – and costs of policing

“This guidebook helps neighbors connect with one another so they can break through the fear and isolation that fuels crime, drugs and other problems,” says Stephanie Mann, author of the guidebook and a pioneer in the Neighborhood Watch movement who helped her own community cuts its crime rate by 48% – without a police department. “By taking the action steps outlined in the Adopt-A-Block plan, neighbors become empowered and learn that they don’t have to tolerate destructive behavior.”

Already, the City of Richmond, California, which has been plagued with street violence, has purchased and distributed dozens of copies of the guidebook to local leaders and members of the faith-based community. Marilyn Langlois, Community Advocate in the Office of the Mayor in Richmond, has this to say about it: “The Adopt-A-Block Guidebook reminds us how important it is to build on the caring aspect of human nature in order to create supportive communities in which all can thrive,”

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