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Friday, January 25, 2013

GUN Control Has Limitations!

Americans are very concerned about gun violence! Politicians are pushing for more gun control, however, guns are selling off the shelves and 250,000 people have joined the NRA since the tragedy at Sandy Hook. We need to bring Americans together, not divide the country!
As a crime and violence prevention specialist for 35 years, here are my thoughts! What do you think? (It may take a moment for PODCAST to appear.) If you want to help strengthen your community, join our Safe Kids Now Network! We will share with you what to do and how to do it! Contact us at:

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Today in USA: 300,000,000 guns in circulation! 

Americans are divided over GUNS! Will more gun laws protect our children?
Let's broaden the discussion, bring people together and work for community change!


"Beyond GUN Control" Tell us what you think! This is your country!

Comment from Ed Delph in Arizona "It is getting pretty tough out there. The more DC legislates the worse it will get. To try and have a behavior change without a family values change will never work. It is amazing how they want to go after the gun rather than the values. People have always had lots of guns in this country. What has changed is humanism has changed the values...from constructive to destructive...." Ed

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Spiritual Crisis- Self Aware Kids - Part 7

PARENTS can teach children how to become self aware! We become good or bad role models...depending on how we interact with our whole family at home. Children learn by watching their parent's behavior!
Ideas to strengthen families so children make good decisions for themselves. For more information: